FRICOLD Transport Refrigeration Units are a brand of FRIGOBLOCK REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS INC. which has been operating in the industrial cooling sector for more than 30 years.

Frigoblock Inc. has transferred its expertise and knowledge in the field of industrial refrigeration to the transport refrigeration sector. In this direction, it started production at the beginning of 2019 by investing in a new production line in its factory located in Tekirdağ.

Fricold Transport Refrigeration Units are produced with the assurance of Frigoblock Inc. and the units are designed by Turkish engineers using equipment of World-famous brands.

Fricold Transport Refrigeration Units are prepared according to customer needs and offer a wide range of cooling capacities. In addition, Fricold units have ATP certification, which is the assurance of food safety in cold transport. In this way, it ensures that your products are transported safely in the most appropriate conditions.