Safety and reliability are the most important aspects of cold transportation to meet the consumer's needs such as fresh food and medicine.

Perishable products must be refrigerated on the way from harvest or production to the consumer. Cold transport keeps food safe and prevents economic losses due to spoilage. Therefore, transport cooling is one of the very important cooling applications. For this reason, the cooling systems used in transportation must be produced with reliable and quality equipment and provide the most effective cooling.

FRICOLD transport refrigeration units with ATP certification ensure that the quality of the products is maintained and the temperature is kept at an optimum level during transportation.

We act in accordance with the laws and regulations determined by our country and international institutions in order to increase our competitive power in the sector and to offer reliable products to our customers. We are always working to introduce products with low energy consumption to the market, which always prioritizes environmental awareness.

Sektörde rekabet gücümüzü arttırmak, müşterilerimize güvenilir ürünler sunmak için ülkemizin ve uluslar arası kurumların belirlediği kanun ve nizamlarına uygun hareket ederek, daima çevre bilincini ön planda tutan, düşük enerji tüketimli ürünler pazara sunmak için çalışıyoruz.


Our R&D center, which has been operating in Frigoblock since 2008, has adopted the principle of continuous innovation so that our customers can get more added value from the products they buy.

Our team carries out its work in two different ways. The R & D team primarily follows new technologies and works to increase the quality and performance of the existing product. On the other hand, they analyze the needs of the market and develop a new product according to customer needs.