In cold chain transportation, vehicles used for the transportation of perishable products must have an international ATP certificate in accordance with the ATP Convention. This certificate proves that the vehicle is suitable for carrying perishable food. This document is mandatory in international transportation, it will also become mandatory in Turkey recently. The purpose of this document is to improve the preservation conditions of perishable products, thereby increasing food safety and protecting human health from potential threats. Fricold awarded this certification as one of the first companies in Turkey.

Advantages of ATP Certificate:

• ATP certificate is your guarantee when transporting refrigerated cargo.
• ATP certification increases the value of your refrigerated vehicle.
• ATP certification raises the quality standards of your business.

What is the ATP convention?

In the ATP agreement adopted in 1970; According to the standards determined by the commission itself, it was stated that equipment other than refrigerators, deep freezers, refrigeration equipment should not be used for perishable foodstuffs. The transportation method and the mode of transportation of foodstuffs are determined in the ATP Convention. These determinations are made in detail according to the characteristics of the product and the temperature to be transported.

Purpose of the ATP Convention

The countries that have accepted the treaty have signed it, considering that the international trade will increase with the improvement of the storage quality of perishable products. According to the treaty, it is illegal to use vehicles that do not have an ATP certificate when transporting perishable food between countries that have signed the contract.
ATP is an agreement in which certain rules and standards are set for the international transport of certain perishable foodstuffs (fruits and vegetables are not included in this scope). The goal of the treaty is to facilitate international trade by setting common international standards. ATP certificate is mandatory for international refrigerated transportation in Europe.

Countries where ATP certificate is mandatory in transportation:

Germany, Albania, United States, Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Morocco, Finland, France, Georgia, Netherlands, England, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Italy, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Norway, Uzbekistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Greece
FRB 300 ATP Certificate        FRB 350 ATP Certificate        FRB 450 ATP Certificate
FRB 600 ATP Certificate

ECE R10 Certificate:

The E mark, also called the ECE conformity mark, is the marking and certification that indicates that motor vehicles meet the requirements to be carried on the roads in the European Union.
ECE Certificate is a security certificate that stating comply with regulations for parts, systems or separate technical units of motor vehicles and trailers, in the European Union, United Nations Economic Commission of Europe and Turkey.
Products certified with the E mark are recognized by all EU member countries. All FRICOLD brand transport refrigeration units produced by Frigoblock Refrigeration Systems have ECE R10 certification. This is an indication that the product you have purchased is of good quality according to EU standards.

Download Fricold ECE R10 Certificate


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